Good Dog Manners Scheme:

Bronze Course

Our Bronze course is the first of the 'Good Dog Manners Scheme' and covers a whole load of important training! This course is aimed at introducing all the basic commands, manners around dogs/people/visitors/kitchen as well as covering recall, play biting, toilet training, destructive behaviour, jumping up etc.

Silver Course

This is the second of our three courses, during this course your dog learns off lead obedience, distance control, more manners around dogs & people as well as many new commands such as emergency 'Stop' and 'Find it' to get your dog to search for anything from your car keys to your mobile phone. We also build on all the basic commands that have already been taught at the bronze course.

Gold Course

This is the third course in the 'Good Dog Manners Scheme' this is where all the training comes together and training classes are taken outdoors - playing fields/beaches as well as indoors. The gold course is aimed at getting your dogs to be all round good citizens and have a higher level of obedience - introducing behaviour such as a retrieve where your dog will fetch an object for you or a stay out of sight. 

What does it cover?

An investment of yours and your dogs time now in training pays off massively for the future, the Good Dog Manners Scheme consists of three courses which are 6 weeks each - A trained dog is a happy dog.

Our courses cover a whole range of things - here's what you can expect to learn and teach through positive reinforcement during the three courses:


  • Introduction of all basic commands - Sit, Stay, Down, Wait, Recall, Leave and Heel.
  • Manners around other dogs on and off lead.
  • Manners around people on and off lead.
  • Manners around the kitchen.
  • Manners around visitors.
  • Trick Training.
  • Stop your dog play biting.
  • Address house training issues - teach your dog to toilet outside.
  • Address destructive behaviour in the house.
  • Teach and improve recall to the point you can let your dog free and have a responsive recall.
  • Stop your dog pulling on the lead.
  • Distance commands.
  • Settle commands.
  • Heel off lead.
  • Emergency stop command.
  • Scent work - finding useful objects.
  • Tracking - teaching your dog to follow a scent.
  • Recall past and away from distractions.
  • Teach your dog self control.
  • + Many more

Most importantly it allows you and your dog to develop a strong bond with each other and giving you a much better understanding.

So how does it work?

Attend a 6 Week Course

Book onto and attend a 6 week course @ Sandy Community Centre, Llanelli, SA15 4DP and learn from the dog trainers.

There will be continual help!

We continually help all owners and dogs attending the courses and ensure that you achieve what you set out to achieve at the start - any additional advice will be given during the classes if required. Once you meet the criteria with your dog at the end of the 6 week course you then have the option to progress onto the next course.

At the end of each course..

We strive to have a happy dog and happy owner - You should have a more obedient dog with a dictionary of commands that they understand along with the better understanding of each other and a bigger bond!