Our Classes

What we offer:

At Dog Behaviour Wales our classes are designed to cater to all your needs and requirements. We teach dogs from puppy through to adult, this means that you can ensure that your dog ends up with the best opportunity to become a social, friendly, well mannered dog. There is also an opportunity for you to progress onto our agility and scent work classes to stimulate their active brain once your dog is old enough.

Puppy Classes

The best course for your puppies - A head start with their education and a good start to their socialisation.

Good Dog Manners Scheme

Our 'Good Dog Manners Scheme' offers you 3 stages in your dogs training, building on your dogs knowledge and manners at each stage: Bronze, Silver & Gold.

Dog Agility

Our agility classes are aimed at the more energetic dogs - the classes are run weekly and offer an opportunity for you and your dog to bond and have fun.

Scent Work Classes

Our Scent Work Classes challenge your dogs nose and allow them to develop their scent work skills. Want to teach your dogs to find your car keys? your mobile phone?

Reactive Dogs Workshop

This is a specialist class for dogs who suffer with reactivity towards other dogs - access to this class is by discretion of the behaviourist and requires an assessment. (Not suitable for all)

Much more..

We do offer additional classes from time to time - keep an eye on our facebook page and blog page for course dates, location and times.

So how does it work?

Browse through our courses and advice options.

Look through what we offer and how we can help you - decide on a course that best suits you.

Get in touch with us.

Call us or email us to discuss the problems your having with your dog, or to decide on which course would be best for you and your puppy - book in once this has been decided.

Attend your course/consultation.

Once you've booked, bring your dog/puppy along and start your and your dogs education from there. Build on their progress week on week.