Dog Behaviour Problems

How can we help?

Dog behaviour problems are common among pet dogs as owners tend to forget that our four legged friends have their own psychology. Their psychology is different to ours and therefore a lack of understanding can sometimes result in issues developing with their behaviour. 

As a qualified behaviourist, I can help you over come those issues with the correct positive approach and training. We see a large volume of dogs every year and so, as a result we have experience in helping address a whole range of dog behaviour problems.

A behaviour consultation would be needed to assess your dogs behaviour, we decide on the best approach for you and your dog and train you and your dog around the source of the problem and get you on the right track - you're then provided with a training plan. 

A consultation costs £65 and typically lasts around 2-2 and a half hours. The consultation is carried out in your home and covers all aspects of the specific training and advice required to help you progress in addressing your problem. (Travel costs are added outside of certain areas, please contact for info)

On occasions, follow up sessions are advised/ required or it may be advised that you attend one of our training courses at a later date. (When a dog is nervous around other dogs or people to build confidence around others.)

A private consultation is different to attending one of our courses as the advice and training is tailored specifically to you and your dog, where as the classes are aimed at the whole group.

If this is something you feel would suit you then get in touch, enquire and discuss the problems with Ben today.

Here are some of the dog behaviour problems we deal with:

Dog Aggression
Human Aggression
Excessive Barking
Nervous Behaviour
Hyperactivity & Unruliness
Stealing Things
Constant Biting
Predatory & Chasing Behaviour
Jumping Up
Fears & Phobias
Seperation Anxiety
Destructive Behaviour
Excessive Licking
Pulling on the lead
Many More