Puppy Classes

Why is it so important?

So.. you've brought your beautiful new puppy home and have bought the bed, high quality food, the perfect lead and collar and plenty of toys so what’s next? You’ve heard that it’s important to get your new dog off to a good start, but you’re not exactly sure what that means. Early training is one of the best ways to socialise your puppy during this important time of adjustment and development - there's a crucial socialisation period when your puppy is young (between 3 and 16 weeks) it's important that you provide them with the opportunity to socialise and learn as much as possible during this stage as their brain is like a sponge absorbing all that valuable information your providing them with.

What do we offer?

Training with us can typically start as soon as soon as your puppy has completed the first round of vaccines (with the approval of your vet), which can be as early as eight weeks, Our puppy classes are the perfect place to start! Our puppy classes teach all the basic functional skills such as sit, down, wait, come and heel, introduction to manners around people and other dogs, manners around the kitchen, jumping up, toilet training, mouthing and much more. They also provide a great opportunity to socialise with other puppies and people to allow your puppy to develop their social skills and build their confidence.

We take a positive approach to our training to ensure that your puppy has the best experience possible whilst learning - keeping the lessons fun and informative with plenty opportunity to practice and interact with others.

Our classes have a limited number of spaces and booking is essential - we dont have an open door on the day you may only attend if you've booked prior to attending as if the classes are too busy it can be over whelming and counter productive for the puppies.

A trained dog is a happy dog as our world can be quite confusing for them at times so ensuring that you get off to the right start ensures that your setting your puppy up to succeed!

If your interested in booking a place check the dates and see what suits you then head over to the contact us page and give us a call!


Good Idea

Its a good idea to start your puppies socialisation as soon as possible as it provides them the best opportunity to become a happy, well rounded dog.


Your puppy's brain is like a sponge, giving them the opportunity to learn as many commands as possible from an early age means that your ultimately going to have a more obedient, well behaved dog when older.

Brain Development

Training your puppy from an early age allows your dogs brain to develop to it's full potential - the more work you put in the more you will get back. Training will also stimulate your puppy and give an outlet for all that energy!


A well socialised puppy is a happy puppy - your puppy will develop great social skills and will be calm and confident in all situations if you give them the exposure to life and opportunity to socialise from a young age.

Unwanted Behaviour

Attending regular classes and receiving regular professional training can address common unwanted behaviour such as mouthing (nipping/biting), toilet training and jumping up to name but a few.


Doing regular training with your puppy provides a bonding activity for both you and your dog - your bond will be much stronger when you have a better understanding of your puppy's needs and your puppy learns to learn from you.

Our courses are run as a 6 week course and cost £50 for the 6 lessons

Booking is essential so give us a call to book your puppy in!